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Leaders Aren’t Born, They’re Built.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our management staff started at our entry-level position.  This advancement strategy not only ensures that our managers possess the necessary skills to teach others to succeed,  but also that they understand the challenges and are better equipped to lead their teams.

Kyle Casoria - President

Kyle started in the entry-level as a Brand Ambassador in our industry in 2008. With his passion for customer service and selling, he excelled immediately at the role. He worked his way up to Team Leader and Manager in 2009 and in 2010 he came full circle when he incorporated his own company: Titan Advertising Group Inc.

Kyle now works closely with his team to help them achieve their goals. Kyle always sees the best in people and is always looking for the next up and comer.

Now Kyle’s goal is to expand our company across Canada and the U.S. while helping his team see the same success he had and reach their own potential.

Theo McIntosh - Manager

Theo originally started with Titan in 2017, and was promoted to Team Leader with our Edmonton team in 2018.  Theo has always been a motivated self starter who has been determined to reach his goals and help others do the same.

After travelling throughout Western Canada to train new team members and kickstart new locations in cities like Saskatoon, Theo decided to return to Edmonton to partner with Kyle Casoria as a Manager of his own team.

Now, Theo is working to help his team grow to the ranks of Team Leader and Manager, and eventually plans to open new locations throughout Alberta and Western Canada.

Dillon Close - Manager

Dillon started with Titan in 2018, and was promoted to Team Leader in 2019.  Dillon has always been an extremely hard worker who proves that if you work hard and persist – you’ll suceed.

After working hard to help drive our Edmonton team through tough times in 2020, Dillon was promoted to Manager in 2021.

Dillon is now helping drive our team to new heights and plans to help expand our company across Canada.

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