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It’s our goal that each of our employees see working at Titan Advertising as a positive and rewarding experience.  We aim to provide a fun environment, teach our employees new skills, and provide equal opportunities to advance.

“This is a company that will give you life skills and help you grow either in customer service, sales or personally.”

– Kesley T.

“I recommend working here if you’re tired of feeling unappreciated. The boss is so approachable. It’s full time, 40 hours a week, and if you work hard you’ll be rewarded…10/10, best job I’ve ever had.”

– Amanda C.

“This place is an amazing place to work! So supportive and trains you to be the best you can be!”

– Morgan H.

“I haven’t worked with all of the lovely people at Titan for very long but I have loved every second I spent with them immensely. I would definitely recommend Titan Advertising Group as an employer…Everybody is warm and welcoming. Everyone is incredibly positive, caring and supportive!”

– Connor C.

“I love working here. I have never had so much fun, passion, or confidence in an employment opportunity. Team atmosphere. Driven. Motivated people. Business opportunities available for anyone. Learning experiences you take with you everywhere.”

– Austin M.

“I’ve never seen such a positive place to work! The fellow staff quickly become family. Not to mention how amazing you feel helping out such amazing charities and people.”

– Jonny Q.

“Great Team environment! Certainly a place that promotes personal growth and acquisition of quite a number of transferable skills.”

– Tadiwa W.

“It’s an amazing experience… I would come join our team if I were you!”

– Taylor A.

“..I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kyle for a number of years, and have seen his leadership skills shine through those that he has mentored and promoted. Working with Kyle is such a pleasure, as he is not only a great leader, mentor and owner, but he is also a great student. Over the years, our friendship, his business, and his family have grown and I have no doubt that growth and success will continue for Kyle and his team!”

– Alain L.

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